Friday, March 25, 2011

feelin' FABULOUS friday...

hello and HAPPY friday!
WOW...i can NOT believe how the week has just flown days no longer seem like 24 hours in a day but rather about 2-3!!  it's really a wonderful feeling to be doing something that i know is exactly what i am meant to be my dream and ENJOYING every single moment!

i was at the store yesterday with my fabulous friend Michelle...i so very much enjoyed having her there with me...sharing this dream of mine with her {SHE IS a huge part of helping me get to this point in my life - i will share more about that in another post!}! i was working on a couple of projects IN the store, i stopped to just FEEL the moment - what i love the most about being there is the energy i feel while i am there - 
i feel simply HAPPY.
and a rush of POSITIVE energy...
yep IT is exactly what i am supposed to be doing!
all the pieces are just falling into place...
exactly as they should be! 

i have also more than enjoyed all of the time i have been able to spend with my family... my mom & dad might just be my #1 cheerleaders!  :)  we have gotten to spend TONS of time together - and i will always treasure that!

i had a little photo shoot the other day as i attempt to figure out HOW i am wanting to display everything IN the store...i used my ONLINE packaging in the photo's below.

if you order from my shop on etsy -
each item will come gift wrapped in a cute little envelope,
 along with a little clothes pin attached...
each one reading an inspirational message.

some other random vintage glam photo's...
this is the "feel" i want for my store -
shabby chic...with a vintage glam twist...and a wee bit whimsical!

my best friends parents picked up this typewriter at an auction for me -
I LOVE IT...and it REALLY works!
so i have been using it on some of my crafty projects!
i think i will have this on the MAIN table as you walk into my store...

have a GREAT DAY!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

random photo's...

a few random photo's of the Vintage Glam
display kiosk at the mall.....
all of these items will be available in the store!

hope you're having a great weekend! 

fabric flowers GALORE!
pins, necklaces, hair pieces...
between myself and the other girls creating items...we'll have it ALL!

handmade resin rings & necklaces!

 stephanie's {made in mpls}fabulous creations!


coming up this week...
more pics inside the store
more product photos
a bit more about Vintage Glam & myself

Saturday, March 19, 2011

available at Vintage Glam {tutus, custom t's & hair accessories...}

i am VERY EXCITED to share with you some MORE products that i will be carrying in the Vintage Glam boutique.  on wednesday i shared the awesome cosmetic bags that stephanie {made in mpls} is going to be creating {plus much more}...
today i am sharing some children's items that i will also have available in the shop

are you ready...
cause these items are
these items come to you from THREE EXTREMELY talented woman...

julie at Juju's Tutus

i am VERY HONORED to have these woman apart of Vintage Glam!

let's check out some items that they have created.
these EXACT items will not be in the store -
i just wanted to give you a little taste of what's to come...

seriously...HOW CUTE is this little girl!!!!
{the tutu is from Juju's tutus & the shirt is from MakMay Designs}

and then a few more i just HAD to share...

 {the tutus are from Juju's tutus & the shirts is from MakMay Designs}

the three of them are collaborating TOGETHER
to bring you entire outfits that match from head to TUTU!


Friday, March 18, 2011

it's coming together...

hello hello!
we have been BUSY BUSY inside the shop...
i wanted to quickly share some BEFORE & AFTER pics with you.
please note...
these AFTER photo's aren't the FINAL'll see those TOO, once it is all complete and ready for OPENING!  today they are installing NEW CARPET...i hear it looks AWESOME
{i am at home working from home today}!  i can't WAIT to get up there and see it!!

okay...are you ready!?!
here are some photo's to give you an idea of what's to come!
{if you want a CLOSER view...just click ON the image}
{above will be my work space so i can "create" while at the shop}

THANKS for stopping by!
i'll be back tomorrow to show you some more items that will be available in the shop...
YOU ARE GOING to fall in LOVE with these items
{especially if you have any little girls}!!

ENJOY your friday evening!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

available at Vintage Glam {by Stephanie, made in MPLS}

hello friends!  i am so excited start showing you lil sneak peeks of whats to come at Vintage Glam...
each day this week i will have a sneak of how the updating of my store is coming along or showcase some of the girls that are joining me in my boutique!

Vintage Glam is going to include items made by other amazingly talented woman as well as myself.  to give you a little idea of WHAT's to come...
here are some items that we will have available at the store:
handsewn items {cosmetic bags, aprons, kids items, & more}
CUSTOM kids clothes
hair accessories, 
all natural hand soap & beauty products,
scrapbooking kits,
WOOHOO, it's going to be YOUR one stop GIFT SHOP!     
i am so EXCITED to have you on this new journey with me!

today i am excited to share a product made by 
STEPHANIE {made in MPLS}!  
here is how i meet dear friend michelle has helped me every step of the way on this new journey i am on.....or maybe i should say "dream" that i am now living!  :)  you see, michelle is one VERY talented when she told me about her sister, i KNEW this girl was going to have AMAZING TALENT!  then one day she took out this INCREDIBLE cosmetic bag that her sister had made for her...i was in AWE!  i would have to say that stephanie is a bit of a perfectionist because the quality of this bag is PERFECTION!!! i am so EXCITED to have her apart of Vintage Glam...i will be carrying her cosmetic bags and ANYTHING else she is in the mood to create!

below is ONE of her cosmentic bags...

{pictures are by stephanie}

you have to go check out her blog...she is one CRAFTY CHICK!
it is called MADE IN MPLS
{and she has an APRON posted that i just KNOW you are going to LOVE....go check it out!} :)

stephanie is also on ETSY...check out her shop HERE {made in MPLS}.

WOOHOOO...good stuff!
see ya tomorrow!
{btw...i am still in the process of editing how this blog "looks"...please hang in there with me!}

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vintage Glam is on FACEBOOK!

stay updated with Vintage Glam on Facebook...
then just click "LIKE" and
you will automatically receive updates in your feed!
thanks for stopping by...i'll be back with MORE information & updates very SOON! :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome! I am so HAPPY to have you here!

WELCOME to Vintage Glam!
thanks for stopping is a little UDPATE:
i am in the process of re-vamping this blog into something FABULOUS. 
i am ALSO in the process of opening up my very own boutique in the hutchinson, mn mall and will soon be posting updates right HERE on how that it coming along. 

stay tuned for some FUN & exciting things that i will soon be introducing to this blog...

*before & after projects*
*products you can find in my Vintage Glam Shop*
{i have many other woman that are creating fabulous items to be sold in my shop...can't wait to show you EVERYTHING!}
*updates on what's happening INSIDE the store*
and more!

i have moved my product over to etsy...
check out my online store here!
thanks for stopping by!
see ya soon!