Tuesday, June 28, 2011

projects. projects. projects.

and HAPPY tuesday! 
WOW, how time flies when you're having FUN, huh!?!
i can NOT believe we are nearing the end of JUNE...can you believe it?!?!?

well...i am definitely kicking it into a HIGHER gear...i have so many projects that i want to get completed...and i am bound & determined that the WILL BE by July 1st!  :)
i have some LARGE projects going on at home {thankfully i also have the assistance of my mother on finishing those} including a
SUPER adorable dresser,
night stand,
BIG PINK magnetic/chalkboard,
and MORE! 
i'll be sharing those on my friday {re}purposed posts - so stay tuned til this coming friday for those starting up again.

this week...here is where i am at...
it's a MUST! ;)
while checking items off of my "to do" list....i'm enjoying a great cup of coffee today in this ADORABLE tea cup that my aunt gave me.  it's from anthropologie and i just ADORE it.  you wouldn't typically see me sipping my coffee from a beautiful TEA cup like this, but i just so happen to have misplaced my coffee cup.....i feel so "proper" & dainty today!  ;)

i am getting as much CRAFTING done as i possibly can.  i know i showed some of these butterly magnet clips awhile back...they were actually a huge hit & i sold out of them quite quickly.  so above are the newest to the collection.

i'm also working on a NEW center display for the shop - it will hang down from the ceiling on both sides of the chandelier.   something
MORE colorful. 

i have lots of FUN colorful fabrics and am creating super super cute PENNANT banners.  these will be apart of a NEW Vintage Glam COLLECTION called the
"LIVE IT UP, enjoy the journey"
HOORAY!  super excited to show you all the items within it!
here's 2 of them all packaged and ready to go....

and last but not least....
{JEWELRY makin'}
i am working on getting more jewelry pieces created for this fun trendy & edgy colleciton i created, so that i can add them to my online shop.

thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

time to SPICE things up....

are you a FAN of Vintage Glam on

if not, what are you waiting for?!?  
stay connected. stay UPDATED.
i post most of the boutique's NEWEST items on the facebook fan page...
it's SIMPLE - just click here and then once you are on the Vintage Glam facebook page, simply click on the "LIKE" button!

PLUS...if that isn't enough incentive for you..how about this...

have a LOVELY day!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lenny & Eva INSPIRING jewelry NOW available at Vintage Glam!

telling you that i am EXCITED about my newest collection of jewelry added to the shop is an
i am in LOVE with the Lenny & Eva collection...
INSPIRING pieces that SPEAK to you!!

in the words of Lenny & Eva:
"A beautiful collection of leather bracelets with interchangeable sentiments. Finally, a statement piece that is as versatile as you are."

check them out for yourself...

of course i had to pick out a couple for myself... :) 
and these were speaking to me! 
as a new boutique owner, quiting a full time job to step into the unknown...
with nothing more than a LOT of FAITH...
i also got the small sentiment "SPARKLE" for a couple of personal reasons but mostly because i LOVE the meaning behind the word...
   brilliance. liveliness. vivacity.

above are the small antique silver sentiments - $14 each 

above large sentiments in antique silver - $18 each

i just am so in LOVE with how they all mean something so different yet so very very personal to each individual.  i look at these and they actually remind me of certain people!

above is a picture what is on the back of the packaging of each of the sentiments.
after i read that...i LOVED them EVEN MORE!!! :) 
what a PERFECT personal
gift to give to someone special! 

you can choose from a variety of leather cuffs {wide & thin} and the braided wraps.

sooo whatcha think?
do you LOVE them as much as i do??? :)

i have posted more pics & pricing info on the Vintage Glam FACEBOOK page...
CLICK HERE, simply click the "like" button!

ALSO...i have uploaded ALL the sentiments that are available onto one of my blog pages, click HERE to check them out.
if you would like to place an order or have any questions,
please email me at

Enjoy your day my lovely friends!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

REpurposed friday...drab tiles to FAB COASTERS!!

WHEW!  what a BUSY BUSY couple of days i have had...and the next couple are going to be JUST AS busy. but i am having so much FUN &
and can NOT WAIT to share with you all the
NEW ITEMS coming to Vintage Glam!
YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE what i have in store for you!! :)

today...{really quickly} i am sharing my project of the week.
i took some old tiles and created some really neat COASTERS with pictures of my niece & nephews.

i just used modge podge to adhere the photos to the tiles...
not sure if there is anyway around it but i did get a lot of brush streaks in them...
does anyone know if there is a way to avoid that?
either way...i LOVE how they turned out!

i also brushed a coat of VARNISH on them to protect them further.

i also created some with some of my favorite scrapbooking paper...
this is the DAILY JUNQUE collection from house of 3/pink paislee!

hope you've had a LOVELY weekend!
i'll be back to share more with you in the next couple of days!!!