Tuesday, July 31, 2012


my VERY FIRST Artist Call for Vintage Glam

when i first opened the shop - everything worked out just perfectly.  i was connected with some tremendously AMAZING local ladies that have a passion for handmade loveliness.   throughout the year, i have realized how much work it is to do consignment...which is the reason why i had limited the number of artists to what i am currently at.  BUT now i would LOVE to get three more talented ladies creating for Vintage Glam.  i am looking for UNIQUE handmade products that currently aren't being created by anyone in the shop or myself.  

here's a list of current artists in the shop: 

i KNOW this is going to be a very HARD decision - so i am actually not going to make the decision myself - but rather have a group of ladies that i adore help me decide.  i KNOW i will want to pick EVERYONE - so this way we will chat about it and decide TOGETHER what best fits in with Vintage Glam & the rest of the artists. AGAIN - i am looking for UNIQUE products that are not currently being created by anyone currently.  

also, it is probably "easiest" if you are somewhat local.  if you are not local - you will have to be okay with paying the SHIPPING charges of shipping your product back & forth.  

please email me if you are interested...

in the subject line put: ARTIST CALL SUBMISSION
within your email - 

  • please give me any information YOU think i need to know.  
  • i will need pictures or a link to pictures of the products that you create. 
  • include what you currently & would want to charge for your item in the shop
  • what YOUR expectations are
  • EMAIL submissions only!! :)
of course, there is a percentage of each sale & monthly fee and also some bookkeeping requirements on your end.  
i will give a reply back that i got your email, along with a few more details {monthly fee/percentage}
...the artists that are chosen will be announced RIGHT HERE on the Vintage Glam blog & via the Vintage Glam Newsletter on August 16th. 

****if you submitted photos/information to me in the past, please send me another quick email that you are still interested!

thanks SO MUCH!
looking forward to seeing YOUR pretty designs!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

WIN 1 of 3 $25 Vintage Glam Gift Certificates...YAHOO!

and in other news....
my HUSBAND {Peter} & i are 
MOVING into our OWN HOME in just NINE days!!!
we are BEYOND excited!!!
currently we are living with Peter's brother & family...
we are also LOVING that right now!  
we get to wake up to our two absolutely ADORABLE & 
fully entertaining nephews...and i LOVE being able to chat with Nikki...
pics of those cuties to come - i don't have my camera cord with me!
i am truly BLESSED that is for sure!!

if you follow me on pinterest you've probably noticed i've been doing a lot of PINNING!
here are a few of my favorite HOME DECOR pins...i've been decorating our 
new home in my head ever since the day we saw it!

follow me HERE & if YOU have a pinterest account - leave your link in the 
comments below, i'd love to check out what your lovin' right now! :) 

i actually LOVE WHITE - is that weird?  
it's a GOOD THING though, because WHITE happens to be my husbands FAVORITE COLOR 
{which is great until ketchup lands on his WHITE shirt...shorts...& shoes!} ;)
we are thinking of decorating with a lot of white walls & then adding in color with our decor elements.  
i LOVE this kitchen but it might be a little too "vintage" looking for Peter...
we will have to see.  

we are going to have a LOT of great wedding pics soon - 
we could do this...

i am a lover of ALL THINGS CHEVRON...love this chair!

Peter is a SPORTS FANATIC...we will have a room in the basement for all of his "stuff"...
i think i will be on the hunt for some LOCKERS, i love this look.  AND my dad happens to collect
globes - i may ask if he has any i could have - decorating with 2 of my favorite guys in the world
in mind...it might end up being my FAVORITE room!? ;) 

hope your MONDAY is off to a GREAT start...
ENJOY your week!!!
{don't forget to sign up for the newsletter....
and please pass on to any of your friends & family that you think may be interested}

Friday, July 27, 2012

arm PARTY!?

i am absolutely LOVIN' the look of stacked bracelets, 
how about you? 

here are some of my faves....
{i've already ordered some FABULOUS bracelets similar to some of them in these pics below...items will arrive next week & will be available online & in the shop late next week}

definitely lovin' the crosses....& have those ordered.
what do you think of the SPIKES?? i don't have those ordered yet but will be!

 both pics above via 
{just found this blog...her style is OH so gorgeous, check it out!}


Thursday, July 26, 2012

CELEBRATING with Unity, Susan, & Helmar!

hello hello...and HAPPY Thursday my friends!
LOTS to chat about today...
but i am going to let the PHOTO's do
most of the talkin! :)

this week at unity we are CELEBRATING our love for
our UNITY STAMPS {of course!} but also for 
you will be seeing NEW creations DAILY on the 
so be sure to stop in DAILY for new creative inspiration.
{more info on that on the unity blog}

here's my project this week...showcasing
one of SUSAN WECKESSER's NEWEST unity stamp KITS &
i used the AMAZING 450 QUICK DRY Helmar GLUE.

wedding CARD holder.
i'll be showing HOW i re-purposed this suitcase in a later post.  AND i didn't actually get to take pics of it on the day of my wedding in it's real setting...
hopefully someone did & will send them to me! ;)  

seriously, i LOOOVE the Helmar 450 glue - 
i used it to attach the burlap to some felt & then also to add my stamped banners to the burlap.  it dries super fast...yet wasn't messy to work with at ALL!! 
that stuff is THE BEST!!!

you can get the stamp set that i used to create this banner...ON SALE 
for just $11.70 {reg $18}
actually ALL of Susan's kits are ON SALE!!!

CLICK HERE to see all of her fabulous images....YOU WILL LOVE THEM!

and ONE LAST THING....i am officially a MARRIED WOMAN!!! 
you may now call me Mrs. Hannig! YIPPIE! we had a PERFECT day...saturday, july 21st. 
but MORE OF THAT in future posts... :)))  CHEERS!! 
{pic above was captured by our favorite little candid photographer of the day - our nephew CAYDEN!}

now time for you to keep on HOPPIN'
{for some reason if the clickable link doesn't work, 
please copy & past jen's address - it is


Wednesday, July 25, 2012


so i just recently updated my blog banner to what you see above.
i've been struggling a bit on HOW to use my blog & 
exactly WHAT i want to use it for.  

i am still in the process of FINE TUNING it & 
will maybe change up the graphics again soon - but this is a start! 

i really LOVE the cover of this journal...the INSPIRATION for my blog header.
it's really, in a nutshell, what i want my blog to represent:
we can HAVE it & i want to share my way of living that way.
or shall is say how i TRY to live that way. 

thanks for sticking around as i get things all "figured" out...
also, i didn't want anyone to think that i came up with this sentiment...& on my journal - it isn't quoted by anyone.  so i wanted to share a pic of the journal here....and to also let you know that it's available in my shop...HERE! :)

i will be blogging more about all of this.....

ps.....my wedding on saturday was PERFECT!!!  
more pics to come when i get some back from the photographer......
we've  been floatin' on cloud nine every since.......YIPPIE!!!! :)

Mrs. Hannig {<---had to use it!} ;)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

50% OFF.....................

PURSES are 50% OFF!!!

SHIPPING always just $5.95...
no matter HOW MUCH you have in your cart, 
so filler up...buttercup! ;) lol!

Monday, July 9, 2012

all kinds of HAPPY!

i'm up for today's Unity Kit of the Month MONDAY post...
head on over to see what i created
{below is a pick of ONE of  them!} :)




Friday, July 6, 2012

been there. goin' there. DREAMIN' of it.

LAST CHANCE to grab some of 
my CUSTOM map pendants
for just $9.50 each!

i have had the WONDERFUL opportunity to create these custom map pendants
for customers all AROUND THE WORLD!!!
i am not the greatest at geography - so it has been very REWARDING for me to bust out the maps & 
see where people LIVE...
where they would LOVE to visit someday...
and of course, where their HEART will always be. 
 {home sweet home!} 

they are a bit more work then i had originally thought...
so the price is going up just a bit...
BUT still a FABULOUS price for something
SO get your orders in TODAY...
you'll save some extra $$$$$$$$$$
and have a new momento for you or a special friend or family member that will mean oh so SOOOO MUCH!! :) 

PLEASE ALLOW 2-3 weeks for your pendants to be created...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

blog hoppin....HIP HOPPIN...with UNITY!!!

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!
i hope you were able to spend time with your family & friends today...
it was HOT HOT HOT in Minnesota today & i spent it on the LAKE {thank GOODNESS!}
 i have just a few SUPER SIMPLE little note cards for you today...
with my wedding coming up in less than 3 weeks, i haven't been able to get to my newest unity stamps yet - 
but i have DEFINITELY been DREAMIN' up my projects that i will be making with them...
seriously...I ADOOOOORE THEM!!!

so, this week....i just have these sweet little note cards...

the stamp images i used in these cards was actually a FREEBIE that you would have received with one of your past kits...currently this itty bitty is not available on the site...
SOOOOO make sure when you see a FREEBIE available...YOU GRAB IT WHEN YOU CAN!!! LOL!!! cause i LOVE this set!!! 


i already have projects in my head using this kit below...
i have a small 3 ring binder book that this will BE PERFECT!!
it will be highlighting some of my pre-wedding & wedding day memories!

kits on sale for just $4.44....
 {click on image to be taken directly to SALE items!!}

time to HOP on over to our girl JEN!!!!
she always has the BEST layouts....
totally AMAZING & ALWAYS a great story behind every one...