Saturday, January 28, 2012

saturday's: randomness {in 3s}...

new weekly saturday tradition!
each saturday stop by for 3 randoms about the past week -
sometimes it WILL be be boutique related...sometimes it'll just be plain ol personal.
either way, i hope you ENJOY what you see/read!  :)
this week
i enjoyed CREATING this week, here's a peek at a few items...

spools wrapped in baker's twine...
pretty lacey trim...& more...

i have some beautiful apothecary jars in the shop & had to figure something else to put in them for the change of season.  i wanted something bright & colorful
{i LOVE bright, happy, colorful!!} :)
they turned out just lovely.................

 aren't they FUN!?!?

LOVIN' me some new GLAMMED out decorations...
perfect for Valentine's Day decor!

i have a definite LOVE for chevron...
made these cute little frames -
they'd be perfect in a little girls room
or to go with your Valentine Decor...

LOVE is in the AIR...
are ya feelin' it?!?!  ;)

hope you're having an LOVELY weekend...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

january giveaway WINNER...

and the winner is..................................
Jenny Karcz Egan you are the WINNER
of our first monthly giveaway!!!!
please email me at to claim your inspirational WHD cuff bracelet!!! WOOHOO! ♥
our next giveaway will be posted HERE on the blog &
on our facebook page on FRIDAY, February 3rd!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

3 things that changed my life...

3 books/resources that have changed my life!
a new weekly saturday tradition!
each saturday stop by for some random info about the past week -
sometimes it WILL be be boutique related...sometimes it'll just be plain ol personal.
either way, i hope you ENJOY what you see/read!  :)

did you know YOU have control over your life...
life doesn't just happen...YOU have the ability to create & shape your life into!!!
how AWESOME is that?!?  ;)

the following 3 resources have DRAMATICALLY changed my life...

have you heard of the book/movie The Secret? 
 if  not, you HAVE to read it...
or better yet, get the movie and watch the movie! 
it has changed my life!!! 
i was introduced to the secret & the law of attraction by two of my girlfriends, angela & sabrina...
and it has FOREVER changed my life...FOR THE BETTER! {way way better!}

"as you learn The Secret, you will come to know how you can have, be , or do anything you want.  You will come to know who you really are.  You will come to know the true magnificence that awaits you in life."  --from the Introduction

i always thought i was a positive person...
but after reading The Power of Positive Thinking i realized that i wasn't as positive about MYSELF as i thought i was. 
start your day out with POSITIVE thoughts,
live your life with that positive attitude!
expect the best...GET THE BEST!

"if you expect the worst, you will get the worst,
and if you expect the best you will get the best."

"by mastering these principles, you will enjoy a delightful new sense of well-being.  you may attain a degree of health not hitherto known by you and experience a new and keen pleasure in living.  you will become a person of greater usefulness and will wield an expanded influence."

-the power of positive thinking

i live 50 miles from the shop - so 5 days a week i have 2 hours of time that i spend in my car.  it was on one those daily drives to the shop that i discovered Chip Ingram, his Living on the Edge teachings are broadcasted on a local radio station at 9AM everyday.  PERFECT timing because i happen to be in my car at that time everyday! 

he has given me a NEW sense of what being a Christian is...
that it isn't about being religious, but rather about being Spiritual.
about having a PERSONAL relationship with God.
he demonstrates WHAT living like a Christian MEANS...
and how to do it.
mostly because I GET IT, i understand it!
now...i know i have a looong looong way to go...
i don't understand everything yet and have SO MANY questions, 
but i am working on it!  i am getting there...

my wish for you,
is that you found some sort of inspiration today in one of these books or through Chip because it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE in a
life fulfilling way!

let me know...
i would LOVE to hear from you!!

lots of love & positive vibes being sent your way,

Friday, January 20, 2012

an attitude of gratitude...GIVEAWAY!

sometimes it's just really nice to hear the words

so today....i wanted to say THANK YOU! 
I APPRECIATE YOU and all of your Vintage Glam support -
whether it's a simple "like" on facebook...
or stopping in the shop to make purchases or
even to just look around...
if you are reading this...i thank YOU!!  :)

so in honor of my appreciation for YOU...
i will be doing GIVEAWAYS on the FIRST FRIDAY of every month!

BUT i didn't want to wait til Feb 3rd to get this party started so...
let's START TODAY!!!
the first giveaway is going to be one of these Whitney Howard Designs adjustable inspirational cuffs.
{i looooove them and wear mine almost every day!} 

how to enter {easy peasy!}:
simply comment below on this blog post or
head on over to our facebook page here and simply
hit "LIKE" on this image.

i'll choose a WINNER on monday, january 23rd & will post it
here on the blog & also on the facebook page!

sentiment choices: 

"peaceful heart"
"courage - strength - believe"
"friends - happiness - cherish - loyalty - share - trust"
"p.s. i love you"

"fall seven times - stand up eight"
"attitude of gratitude"
easy peasy, right? :))
so, again
thank YOU!
thank YOU!
thank YOU!
i am over JOYED with all of the love & support i have received...
so very grateful for each of you. 
an attitude of gratitude, indeed...
2011 was AWESOME &
i am definitely looking forward to all the GOOD that 2012 has to bring!  HOOORAY!

lots of love,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

keep those NOTES & to do's ORGANIZED!

this week i am dedicating most of my time to
with all of the "busy" work of owning a business i haven't spent as much time as i would like on actually CREATING. 
so this week...
{feeling newly inspired and FULL of wonderful energy}
here are some magnet boards that i have finished.
next up = VALENTINE'S!!!

{magnets made from vintage minnesota map}
these turned out MUCH better than i was anticipating so i just had to share them with you quickly.  
 to see MORE pics - visit us on our facebook page HERE.

lots of love,

Saturday, January 14, 2012

three {non-boutique related} things....

three totally random
{non-boutique related} THINGS....
a new weekly saturday tradition!
each saturday stop by for some random info about the past week -
sometimes it WILL be be boutique related...sometimes it'll just be plain ol personal.
either way, i hope you ENJOY what you see/read!  :)

& SOO SOO over the moon HAPPY!!!
actually, that isn't even NEW news, my fiance-Peter, proposed the day before my birthday...on october 9th!!!
it was THE MOST PERFECT day...he's so good to me!!
and isn't he handsome!!! :)))))))
so now it's on to the FUN stuff - deciding on wedding
both my Mom & i LOVE decorating, love creating, & love thinking out side the this is going to be a blast!
so far, all we have planned is that the ceremony is going to be teeny tine - with just our immediate family.   cozy, easy going, and full of lots of LOVE.
last weekend my Mom & I went to a bridal show...
it was so fun to hang out together AND get some great ideas!!!
{not much in there yet}!!

i've never seen the movie FOOTLOOSE!
can you BELIEVE that?!?
so on the agenda for this weekend.....watching Footloose! :))

i LOVE creative blogs!
i could sit for hours& hours {maybe days, HA!} looking through all of my favorite blogs...
here are some that i frequent daily:
hope you are having a weekend filled with
lots of love to ya, 

Friday, January 13, 2012

winter CLEARANCe sale!

hello lovelies!
hope you've had a SPLENDID week!!!
honestly, i can't believe it's already FRIDAY!?!?!

well, guess what time it is...
so...if you live in the hutchinson area...i would like to invite you to the Winter Clearance sidewalk sale at the Hutchinson Mall!  all of the retailers have some FABULOUS STEALS and a whole lotta GREAT DEALS for you!  
at Vintage Glam, we've marked down are warm cozy scarves, gloves, and holiday decor....along with some other sweet treasures!
{WOOT WOOT...I LOOOVE a GREAT DEAL so it makes me happy when i can extend those deals on to YOU!}  :)

you know what else makes me HAPPY?!  NEW PRODUCT!!!  i can't wait to start getting in the new SPRING many FUN & FABULOUS finds for the season - i can't WAIT to share it with you!!!

here are some of the warm & cozy scarves still available  {just $12!!!}  and these are actually listed online through our website as well {with better pics!} in the Winter Clearance section! 

{holiday decor}
including some of my favorite red GLITTER signs - that read:
and just a few of Terry Kempferts {awesome local artist} artwork left!

we would LOOVE to see you!
enjoy your friday evening!!!
lots of love,

Sunday, January 8, 2012

we {love} handmade...

at Vintage Glam!
did you know we carry a variety of HANDMADE items
made by local o' so FABULOUS women!!!
below are a few NEW items that i am EXCITED to share with you.

these are all made by Katie, also known as the Crafty Chic!
she is AMAZING at the sewing machine &
chooses the BEST FABRICS!
definitely has a STYLE that i ADORE.

{cosmetic or whatever you want it to be bag}
hmmmm, this could quite possibly be one of my NEWEST FAVORITE color combos!! this is absolutely GORGEOUS!  and that beautiful flower you see attached, is actually a removable PIN!!!  it would look gorgeous on a blazer, sweater, or even a hat!

 {braided headbands}
everyone LOVES these...
she even does them in SCHOOL colors so you can
show your school spirit IN STYLE! ;)

 {little pouches}
in a variety of sizes...all so dang CUTE!

 {NEW! crossover bags}
so comfy.  GORGEOUS colors.  and...
wait for it....
SO EXCITED to have these in the shop!

i have MORE of Katie's {Crafty Chic} items available in the shop -
if you live in the area, be sure to stop in and see these items.

otherwise, head on over to her etsy shop and SHOP AWAY friends!
also...Katie has a facebook page set up

hope you had an AMAZING weekend!
lots of love,

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Vintage Glam "word"....

time to CONNECT...
with YOU, my friends!

WOW for craziness!!! 
november & december were CRAZY months...

november =
the Vintage Glam "official" grand opening soiree & of course black friday
december =
Christmas craziness every day
{the great news is...i meet my sales goals...YIPPIE!!!!}

so with that, my focus was really IN THE SHOP...
i very rarely was able to log in for a long enough period of time to
post updates...
edit pictures..
send out newsletters...
and to CONNECT with all of you! 

i have a LOT of goals planned for the next year
but one of them that i am MOST passionate about is connecting with
customers both online & in the shop!
so i think it's only fitting to have my 2012 word be

i want to share with all of you the fabulous experiences i have had opening Vintage Glam and of course keep you updated with new products/artists, what inspires me, & other Vintage Glam SO MUCH MORE!
so with's to
with you this year!

 expect more BLOG POSTS
pics posted on FACEBOOK &
RANDOM giveaways!
looking forward to a
with you!
lots of love,