Wednesday, April 6, 2011

opening day at Vintage Glam....

my lifelong dream is my new reality...
i am still pinching myself that i am really LIVING IT!
Vintage Glam is officially OPEN for business in the Hutchinson Mall!
i opened up yesterday and it went AMAZINGLY well...
i had a BLAST laughing and visiting with some pretty special people in my life...
we even shed a few HAPPY tears together!  :)


{my camera was on MF instead of AF so this pic is super blurry...
but you can still feel the happiness in it,i love it!}
these chicks are THE BEST!!!!! andrea & michelle SURPRISED me...i immediately had tears in my eyes and just about lost it BUT it was a BLAST to have them there with me!  they also helped encourage me that everything DOES look i quickly got ride of all my first day jitters, thanks to them! :)

 gus. andrea. myself {eryn}. and michelle.
gus is the one that has actually given me the opportunity to turn my dream into reality...i credit actually OWNING my OWN boutique to him!!! {i still can't believe it!! HOORAY!!!}  he owns the hutchinson mall and has given me an amazing opportunity...i feel extremely BLESSED to be apart of such a wonderful group of people...definitely loving my new life here!

andrea & michelle have supported me and my dream from day one...they have encouraged me, they have pushed me to the next level, they gave me the confidence i needed in myself when i just didn't have it.  they are AMAZING women that i am proud to call my FRIENDS!

my #1 fans!! :)
my mom {sharon}and my dad {joel}
BLESSED indeed to have them in my life!  i wouldn't be here at this moment if it wasn't for the support of my amazing mother & father.  since the moment i told them that i wanted to quit my full time job and open up my very own boutique...they have been 110% supportive of me!  they have been here with me painting, cleaning, decorating..and then going home and doing the same...AND they are SOOO EXCITED for that in itself is worth it!
this new venture has also given me the opportunity to spend so much time with them...and i will forever treasure that!  they mean the world to me and Vintage Glam wouldn't be what it is today without them!

{life is GREAT!} 

 {i'll always be daddy's little girl!}

 amy and ken....
they pretty much make the mall run smoothly!!
they are both AMAZINGLY helpful and make my days here at the mall EVEN MORE enjoyable!

michelle and i.
i will be dedicating an entire post to this woman...SHE has helped me every step of the way...from start to finish...THANK YOU Michelle...i LOVE YA BUNCHES!!

feeling the LOVE!
flowers from gus, tom, and the mall staff.
a beautiful topiary from my brother, sister in law and kids
{with a sweet note telling me how proud they are of me!!}
and BRIGHT HAPPY daisy's from andrea & michelle!!

feeling BLESSED to be here!
{i need to hang a couple pictures over those ugly electrical boxes...that will happen SOON!}
thank YOU for all your support...
it's really EVERYONEs support and encouragement that has gotten me to this point in my life...
i couldn't be thank you THANK YOU!!!!
stay tuned...
more pictures of Vintage Glam PRODUCT coming tomorrow!!



  1. Awesome Eryn! You are so beautiful! Go get 'em!

  2. Awwwww!!! I welled up! It looks PERFECT and you are so lucky to have all those fantastic friends! I know you will be so very successful! :)