Friday, April 22, 2011

re-purposed friday...

one of things i really LOVE doing is THRIFT store shopping...i LOVE finding old pieces of furniture {or any old junk} and use my creative imagination to turn it into something FABULOUS...something useful...or just something unique and different!!  i have done a lot of those types of projects as i set up Vintage Glam...i repurposed an old chandelier, my parents old center island to their kitchen, a dining room table, an old ladder, lots of frames, and....well... you get the idea, right!  :)  
i am going to start sharing these repurposed items on my blog every friday..
something different.....that i hope inspires YOU! 


here's my UPDATED version of an old story board frame {basically just a large frame} that i picked up at the Crafts Direct discount store...
i knew it would be useful somehow...someway...someday!

i LOVE how the chicken wire gave it a different look...
and it also makes it multi functional - i can either use some clothespins to hang up some "to do's" and other notes or adhere magnets directly to the metal and adhere that way! 


of course i couldn't just put up any old clothespins...
they had to be CRAFTY and CUTE...
with a touch of INSPIRATION!!  :)

{so i created these....}

seeing as it is GOOD Friday...
ENJOY it and make it a GOOD one!


  1. LOVE this! Love the decorative butterfly clothespins too.

  2. You and I would get along just fine in real life! LOL I ADORE going thrift store shopping! Tomorrow here is Denver they are all 50% off! One day I am going to fins a sewing box filled to the brim with old buttons I just know it LOL
    I love your board! It is really cute!

  3. I once brought chicken wire home and Scott said, "what the heck are you going to do with that?" Crafters just don't understand - LOL!!

  4. This turned out amazing Eryn! I just finished decorating a bunch of clothes pins and working on my frame - wished I would have thought of the chicken wire! Thanks for inspiring!!!

  5. Eryn, this is beautiful!! I just love the chicken wire, too and those butterfly pins are FABULOUS!! Hugs and Happy Easter to you sweet friend!