Thursday, May 26, 2011

{how do you make those pom poms...}

a day doesn't go by that i get the question on HOW to make the beautiful pom poms i have hanging in Vintage Glam...and i LOVE that!  they are a great conversation piece and i have already told many of you in the store how to make them but thought it would also be helpful if i just provided the link for you here!  good ol Martha Stewart is the inspiration behind these fabulous pom poms--> check out the tutorial here!

they are PERFECT for SO MANY different occasions...
 many have expressed that they will be making them for a wedding shower, baby showers, little girls room, for the actual wedding, etc...they are SO FUN and obviously you can do them in ANY color that tissue paper comes in!  :)

my little tips for you...
martha's tutorial says to use 20 by 30 inch sheets of tissue...i just purchased the small packs of tissue paper and used the whole thing at the size that it came in, made it much easier! also...i noticed the tissue paper at target was softer & i liked the look of those a little bit better compared to the tissue paper i got at walmart, which was a wee bit more "crisp"

if you need smaller ones...just cut the tissue paper down, i did that for small flowers and used a pipe cleaner for the center & it doubles as the stem.

SUPER easy and SUPER fun..
ENJOY creating!  :)

seeing as Memorial Day is just around the corner...
i've decided it's time to do a little re-decorating! 
 here's a little sneak at what will be replacing my BRIGHT colored pom poms with.  {i will be showing the tutorial on how i made them in the near future...}

 let me know if you attempt the pom poms and how they turned out &
i LOVE getting pictures from all of you...
email them to me at

Memorial Weekend = SALE! SALE!  SALE!
at Vintage Glam...
stay tuned for more details! :)

THANKS and have a FABULOUS evening!!

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