Sunday, May 29, 2011

{re}purposed friday...OPPS, it's SUNDAY! ;)

friday just passed by me like it didn't even exist...
so today, here is my "friday repurposed post"...
like i mentioned on my post yesterday - it just so happens to be ANOTHER frame.
are you bored of seeing repurposed frames yet?  i am just having so much fun with all the different things that i can do wtih them that i still have MANY MANY more in the works.  but this coming friday, i promise to have something DIFFERENT - i have a couple of projects that are in the works so not sure exactly WHAT it will be, but it WILL be something fabulous!  :)

i don't have BEFORE pics of the frame - but like all the others, it was just brown, old, & ugly!
it is actually a CORKBOARD covered in this super cute summer print. 

 i also created some cute PUSH PINS attached to a clothes pin...
perfect for hanging up pictures, to do lists, etc...

have i mentioned that i don't like to throw anything away?!?!
i saved some of my COFFEE SLEEVES because i KNEW that someday i would need them for a crafty project {yeah, i know, i am kinds weird like that!!}
BUT check it's JUST what i used them for!

i wanted a more sturdy base then just the coffee sleeves were just perfect...paired up with some scrap paper & lace and i was rolling with these...

added a lil bit of inspiration...

the backs are the cutest but wanted to show you how i used the coffee sleeves.

have a LOVELY day!


  1. Did something similar with our Lipton tea box! Love the clothespin inspirations!