Tuesday, June 28, 2011

projects. projects. projects.

and HAPPY tuesday! 
WOW, how time flies when you're having FUN, huh!?!
i can NOT believe we are nearing the end of JUNE...can you believe it?!?!?

well...i am definitely kicking it into a HIGHER gear...i have so many projects that i want to get completed...and i am bound & determined that the WILL BE by July 1st!  :)
i have some LARGE projects going on at home {thankfully i also have the assistance of my mother on finishing those} including a
SUPER adorable dresser,
night stand,
BIG PINK magnetic/chalkboard,
and MORE! 
i'll be sharing those on my friday {re}purposed posts - so stay tuned til this coming friday for those starting up again.

this week...here is where i am at...
it's a MUST! ;)
while checking items off of my "to do" list....i'm enjoying a great cup of coffee today in this ADORABLE tea cup that my aunt gave me.  it's from anthropologie and i just ADORE it.  you wouldn't typically see me sipping my coffee from a beautiful TEA cup like this, but i just so happen to have misplaced my coffee cup.....i feel so "proper" & dainty today!  ;)

i am getting as much CRAFTING done as i possibly can.  i know i showed some of these butterly magnet clips awhile back...they were actually a huge hit & i sold out of them quite quickly.  so above are the newest to the collection.

i'm also working on a NEW center display for the shop - it will hang down from the ceiling on both sides of the chandelier.   something
MORE colorful. 

i have lots of FUN colorful fabrics and am creating super super cute PENNANT banners.  these will be apart of a NEW Vintage Glam COLLECTION called the
"LIVE IT UP, enjoy the journey"
HOORAY!  super excited to show you all the items within it!
here's 2 of them all packaged and ready to go....

and last but not least....
{JEWELRY makin'}
i am working on getting more jewelry pieces created for this fun trendy & edgy colleciton i created, so that i can add them to my online shop.

thanks for stopping by!

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