Friday, January 20, 2012

an attitude of gratitude...GIVEAWAY!

sometimes it's just really nice to hear the words

so today....i wanted to say THANK YOU! 
I APPRECIATE YOU and all of your Vintage Glam support -
whether it's a simple "like" on facebook...
or stopping in the shop to make purchases or
even to just look around...
if you are reading this...i thank YOU!!  :)

so in honor of my appreciation for YOU...
i will be doing GIVEAWAYS on the FIRST FRIDAY of every month!

BUT i didn't want to wait til Feb 3rd to get this party started so...
let's START TODAY!!!
the first giveaway is going to be one of these Whitney Howard Designs adjustable inspirational cuffs.
{i looooove them and wear mine almost every day!} 

how to enter {easy peasy!}:
simply comment below on this blog post or
head on over to our facebook page here and simply
hit "LIKE" on this image.

i'll choose a WINNER on monday, january 23rd & will post it
here on the blog & also on the facebook page!

sentiment choices: 

"peaceful heart"
"courage - strength - believe"
"friends - happiness - cherish - loyalty - share - trust"
"p.s. i love you"

"fall seven times - stand up eight"
"attitude of gratitude"
easy peasy, right? :))
so, again
thank YOU!
thank YOU!
thank YOU!
i am over JOYED with all of the love & support i have received...
so very grateful for each of you. 
an attitude of gratitude, indeed...
2011 was AWESOME &
i am definitely looking forward to all the GOOD that 2012 has to bring!  HOOORAY!

lots of love,


  1. How fun! And I LOVE these bracelets!!!

  2. I am so thankful for you and your amazing customer service hun! Oh and I am thankful for all the cool stuff you have in your store which is why I phone and order just from you all the way from Canada- you are the bestest!!!

  3. Eryn, you are such a sweetheart!!! These bracelets are beautiful, just like everything else in your shop. You're the best!