Saturday, January 14, 2012

three {non-boutique related} things....

three totally random
{non-boutique related} THINGS....
a new weekly saturday tradition!
each saturday stop by for some random info about the past week -
sometimes it WILL be be boutique related...sometimes it'll just be plain ol personal.
either way, i hope you ENJOY what you see/read!  :)

& SOO SOO over the moon HAPPY!!!
actually, that isn't even NEW news, my fiance-Peter, proposed the day before my birthday...on october 9th!!!
it was THE MOST PERFECT day...he's so good to me!!
and isn't he handsome!!! :)))))))
so now it's on to the FUN stuff - deciding on wedding
both my Mom & i LOVE decorating, love creating, & love thinking out side the this is going to be a blast!
so far, all we have planned is that the ceremony is going to be teeny tine - with just our immediate family.   cozy, easy going, and full of lots of LOVE.
last weekend my Mom & I went to a bridal show...
it was so fun to hang out together AND get some great ideas!!!
{not much in there yet}!!

i've never seen the movie FOOTLOOSE!
can you BELIEVE that?!?
so on the agenda for this weekend.....watching Footloose! :))

i LOVE creative blogs!
i could sit for hours& hours {maybe days, HA!} looking through all of my favorite blogs...
here are some that i frequent daily:
hope you are having a weekend filled with
lots of love to ya, 

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