Saturday, May 12, 2012

escorted into the shop :)

definitely my most ENTERTAINING drive to the shop this morning. 
7 of us piled into my big brother's suburban....
eric {my brother}, 
cayden {nephew}, 
emersyn {niece}, 
jett {youngest nephew}, 
and myself 
all in ONE vehicle!!!  :)  

they even escorted me into the shop and OPENED up the doors for me! 
it was quite CUTE, if i do say so myself! 

every year we go down to the "cities" {mpls} the night before the
race for the cure event.
family time together...doesn't get much better than that!
so in an attempt to take as few of cars as possible...
they decided to just drop me off at the shop
& i'll have peter pick me up at closing time
and we'll head to the hotel!
my youngest brother matt & 
sister in law elyse {mama to these adorable little ones below!}
will be meeting us there as well!

my mama!

i hope you all ENJOY your Mother's day...
and are able to spend time with the ones you LOVE!!
lots of love, 

 ps....we will be CLOSED tomorrow for Mother's Day!
Emily usually works Sunday's but i figure she needs to spend the day
getting spoiled by her loved ones too!! :)


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