Friday, June 8, 2012

a bit of a confession....

today is a pretty EXCITING day for me!!!
today is a REAL FRIDAY for in....
my weekend will start tonight at 8PM when i leave the shop! 
{ps...i am EXCiTEd but still a bit nervous, i would say probably almost the same feeling as to when your child goes to kindergarten!} ;)

my wonderful employee, Emily, who already works on sundays... is going to pick up the saturday shift!  which means SO MANY WONDERFUL things for me.

cause i have a bit of a confession...
i am a bit burnt out.  
i've been a bit OFF lately....
and i need to get back on track.  

i knew that when i opened the shop that it would mean a lot of time AWAY & very very LOOOONG hours. 12-14 hour work days are catching up to me.

 i need some time to breathe.  time to get out...
laugh. enjoy. live. be with my fiance. friends. and family.
....and get back on track!  :)))  
and i WILL.  i KNOW i will!  

i already feel LIGHTER!

i KNEW & KNOW, that in sacrificing those things for just small amount of time....that it WILL lead me to living the life that i dream of.  
i am getting there.  and AMAZING is right around the corner...i can feel it! <3

this is just my next step in getting there - 
so i officially have saturdays, sundays, and mondays to spend at home.  my AMAZING mom works mondays for me {that's a 12 hour day!!!! see, she IS amazing & so supportive!}  

i will work from home those days - but i will also have more flexibility.  i can get MORE projects done.  i can really FOCUS on my marketing & computer work.  it's going to be SOOOOOO NICE!!  
i will start DOING...cause i have SO MANY wonderful ideas swirling around in my head!! :))
and....i am SO HAPPY and so PROUD that i CAN hire Emily to work both satuday's & sundays. WHOOP WHOOP!! :)  ...and i KNOW she will do AWESOME!

OH!  AND i will have more time to plan my WEDDING!!  which is JULY many days away is that anyway...not MANY!  EKKKKK!!!! <3

for being a Vintage Glam "fan", 
following my blog,  
stopping in the shop, 
shopping online,  
supporting me in any & every single big or little way that you have. 
YOU are why i am here....and i am so BLESSED!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and to the wonderful women in my life that have INSPIRED me - you know who you are! :)

HUGE amounts of LOVE....
ENJOY your weekend,

{p.s......i have a NEW project that i will be posting on the unity blog tomorrow....please stop by...the blog itself is a WONDERFUL source of crafty & personal INSPIRATION & i think you will LOVE it!}  :)


  1. happy you are able to have someone help you out so that you can get the time you need to be more 'you'. The You that we love and adore and makes us order from your sweet little shop all the way here to Ontario Canada. Hugs and support! Have a most amazingly energizing weekend!

  2. so HAPPY for you!! ENJOY your weekend <3 <3 <3

  3. love you, eryn! :) SO HAPPY that this time for YOU is going to start happening. YOU deserve everything BEAUTIFUL in your life....and having said that - I AM OFF TO THE BEACH with my BOY! :) WHOOP! life is good, huh?