Tuesday, July 31, 2012


my VERY FIRST Artist Call for Vintage Glam

when i first opened the shop - everything worked out just perfectly.  i was connected with some tremendously AMAZING local ladies that have a passion for handmade loveliness.   throughout the year, i have realized how much work it is to do consignment...which is the reason why i had limited the number of artists to what i am currently at.  BUT now i would LOVE to get three more talented ladies creating for Vintage Glam.  i am looking for UNIQUE handmade products that currently aren't being created by anyone in the shop or myself.  

here's a list of current artists in the shop: 

i KNOW this is going to be a very HARD decision - so i am actually not going to make the decision myself - but rather have a group of ladies that i adore help me decide.  i KNOW i will want to pick EVERYONE - so this way we will chat about it and decide TOGETHER what best fits in with Vintage Glam & the rest of the artists. AGAIN - i am looking for UNIQUE products that are not currently being created by anyone currently.  

also, it is probably "easiest" if you are somewhat local.  if you are not local - you will have to be okay with paying the SHIPPING charges of shipping your product back & forth.  

please email me if you are interested...

in the subject line put: ARTIST CALL SUBMISSION
within your email - 

  • please give me any information YOU think i need to know.  
  • i will need pictures or a link to pictures of the products that you create. 
  • include what you currently & would want to charge for your item in the shop
  • what YOUR expectations are
  • EMAIL submissions only!! :)
of course, there is a percentage of each sale & monthly fee and also some bookkeeping requirements on your end.  
i will give a reply back that i got your email, along with a few more details {monthly fee/percentage}
...the artists that are chosen will be announced RIGHT HERE on the Vintage Glam blog & via the Vintage Glam Newsletter on August 16th. 

****if you submitted photos/information to me in the past, please send me another quick email that you are still interested!

thanks SO MUCH!
looking forward to seeing YOUR pretty designs!!!

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