Friday, July 6, 2012

been there. goin' there. DREAMIN' of it.

LAST CHANCE to grab some of 
my CUSTOM map pendants
for just $9.50 each!

i have had the WONDERFUL opportunity to create these custom map pendants
for customers all AROUND THE WORLD!!!
i am not the greatest at geography - so it has been very REWARDING for me to bust out the maps & 
see where people LIVE...
where they would LOVE to visit someday...
and of course, where their HEART will always be. 
 {home sweet home!} 

they are a bit more work then i had originally thought...
so the price is going up just a bit...
BUT still a FABULOUS price for something
SO get your orders in TODAY...
you'll save some extra $$$$$$$$$$
and have a new momento for you or a special friend or family member that will mean oh so SOOOO MUCH!! :) 

PLEASE ALLOW 2-3 weeks for your pendants to be created...

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