Wednesday, July 25, 2012


so i just recently updated my blog banner to what you see above.
i've been struggling a bit on HOW to use my blog & 
exactly WHAT i want to use it for.  

i am still in the process of FINE TUNING it & 
will maybe change up the graphics again soon - but this is a start! 

i really LOVE the cover of this journal...the INSPIRATION for my blog header.
it's really, in a nutshell, what i want my blog to represent:
we can HAVE it & i want to share my way of living that way.
or shall is say how i TRY to live that way. 

thanks for sticking around as i get things all "figured" out...
also, i didn't want anyone to think that i came up with this sentiment...& on my journal - it isn't quoted by anyone.  so i wanted to share a pic of the journal here....and to also let you know that it's available in my shop...HERE! :)

i will be blogging more about all of this..... wedding on saturday was PERFECT!!!  
more pics to come when i get some back from the photographer......
we've  been floatin' on cloud nine every since.......YIPPIE!!!! :)

Mrs. Hannig {<---had to use it!} ;)

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