Tuesday, November 15, 2011

i have to say...
one of my MOST favorite things about owning my own boutique {besides chatting with & meeting all of YOU} is getting PACKAGES!  no matter how big or small they are...i can't WAIT to tear them open to see what's inside!! it doesn't even have to be new PRODUCT for me to be excited...i am even THRILLED with a box of NEW marketing materials!!
this morning i had two packages waiting at the shop for me - i tore into them as soon as i could...they were my newly designed gift certificates & smaller product cards...

Vintage Glam gift certificates are a PERFECT gift!!

here are the smaller "product" cards...
{front & back}
they turned out SO CUTE!!
my days off from the shop are sunday & monday -
which means saturday night before i leave the shop,  i pack up lots of crafty materials so i can work on projects from home!

this past weekend i worked on new wool/felt flower pins, which fit just perfectly on the new product cards!!

they will be available in a VARIETY of colors.... 

sizes & styles... 

i'll be getting these posted to the website in the next couple of days -
{currently they are available in the store}

i'll also be listing my "GLAM" letters - have you seen those yet? 
if you've been inside the shop,you may have - but i haven't actually posted them online yet.  i'll share them in tomorrows blog post.....
see you then!!! :)

lots of love,

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