Wednesday, November 16, 2011

what are GLAM letters?

GLAM letters are FOR SALE!
wHaT are "GLAM" letters?!?

they are some AWESOMELY created letters with lots of BLING & GLAM...
perfect for your little girls room...
she can set it on her desk,
hang it on the wall.
they can be used to GLAM up your home...
add as an accent to a door.
set up on the mantle.
for your WEDDING!!!
so many FUN ways to use them.....

well, i guess you'd probably like to SEE these GLAM letters, huh! ;)
 here are some pics...

they add a PERFECT touch of GLAM to the shop!


they are thick enough so you can just have them sitting on a table/mantle....
otherwise, i have also added some lace so you can easily hang them as well.
they are available in a variety of sizes...
small:  $9.99
medium: $15.99
large: $24.99

want a different color?
not a problem!!!
..i'll will create your letter{s} in whatever color you {or your daughter} wish to have!
the small letters are WOOD...
while the medium & large are made of a paper mache!

these will eventually be listed on the website -
but if you are interested in purchasing these today...just send me an email at

Aren't they FUN!?!?!

i appreciate you stopping by and taking a peek...
hope you have a wonderful evening!!
lots of love,

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