Sunday, November 11, 2012


i've been pinning & pinning & pinning the last few days. 

with the holiday's just around the corner...i have lots to do!

how about you?  
i not only need to decorate my house...but the SHOP as well!
pinterest has been a TIME SAVER for me...i LOVE how you can "pin" everything to different boards & save the idea for a rainy day!  i just went through my pins last night & picked out a few that are inspiring some projects that i am working on today!

here are a few that i MAY be attempting...
we'll see what i actually get to & i'll be sure to share pics with you! :) 

wall art...
| source |

EASY christmas decorations...
| source |

PINE CONES dipped in paint!
| source |

and i have a dresser + end table + a small cupboard + FRAMES that needs some
PAINT!!!  how's this for INSPIRATION {i am a HUGE fan of COLOR!}
| source |

and lastly, we have a small wall in our kitchen that i want to paint with chalkboard paint...
it'll be perfect to write quick notes + to do's, etc.
| source |

wish me LUCK...
i've got quite a "to do" list!  ;) 
here's my PINTEREST boards and more specifically here's my DIY board
have a GREAT Sunday!

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